Laura Smither - Reported missing April 3, 1997 when she didn't return from her morning jog. Found April 20, 1997. Her 12-year old body was found dismembered.

Anthony Michael Martinez - Reported abducted at knife point April 4, 1997. Found April 20, 1997. His 10 year old body was found in a California desert naked, hands and feet bound with duct tape, and being fed upon by vultures.

Jamie Leigh Chapman - December 21, 1996, 5 days after her 12th birthday, Jamie was killed by a drunk driver.

Three children. Three examples of thousands of young lives that are given over to the hands of ruthless killers. Drunk drivers. Child abusers. Adults who take advantage of their youthful innocence and frailty... of life. In our country, a child disappears every 18 seconds. Look at your clock. Another child is now screaming to be with his/her family... their security... their home.

What Can We Do?

You may ask what we can do about this. I mean, how can we as private citizens possibly prevent this from happening again? God, I wish I had the answer. I wish I could say, "Just do this and it will never happen again." But you and I both know that isn't going to happen. No matter how we sit in the comfort of our homes and wish this wouldn't happen to anyone, as long as we don't take a stand... the abuse will continue. The abductions will continue. Children will be taken from the comfort of their homes. Children will be mercilessly killed by sick, sick people.


There are some things you CAN do to help lessen the incidents. An internet friend emailed me with the devastating news about Anthony. Bethany Elliott is a Registered Nurse and has taken a stand against this violence. She is writing to the President and hundreds of other officials to make them aware that this IS a problem. This IS something people must take a stand against. Bethany is demanding that something be done. She said she is going to send these letters out every day until she gets response. In her letter to President Clinton, she wrote:

"PLEASE DO SOMETHING, make the laws tougher, get these animals off of our streets so we nor our children have to live in fear..."

Write letters. Beg them. Plead with them. Try to make them understand that these children are our future. These children deserve to live their lives with no fear. No pain. No injustice. No abuse.

Who Are These Killers?

Who are these killers? How can anyone know who these people are by looking at them? The next killer could be a pillar of the community. The next killer could be someone with ragged clothes and beady eyes. The next killer could be someone you love. The next killer could be... anyone. Absolutely anyone. Yes, the laws have to be made stricter so those who have abused before and are convicted remain behind bars! They should NEVER be allowed to walk the streets and stalk our children again. They should NOT be allowed to ever abuse again.

But... the prisons are full. Our laws are bending instead of conforming to the needs of the public. We, as citizens, must make ourselves more aware and take an active part in the welfare of our children! And all that takes is caring enough to use our eyes and God-given common sense.

Be Aware of the Children!

BE AWARE OF THE CHILDREN! Use your eyes and ears! No matter what you are doing, watch and listen for them. Watch until you are sure that child crossing the street gets to the other side safely. Watch until the child riding his/her bike has ridden safely out of your line of vision. Watch to make sure that intoxicated person doesn't get behind the wheel of a car. Listen to that child talking to someone in that truck to make sure there is nothing amiss. Watch their faces. Listen for their fear. Make a conscious effort to be aware!


Pray. Pray hard and pray long. God has given us many blessings in our lives and has given us knowledge of right and wrong. Discernment. If something feels wrong, act on it. Pray on it. Ask God for the strength to protect His children.

Please. Please! Take a stand. Stop Killing Our Children!

Right-click on the little Bear graphic below and put it on your page to help make others aware of this devastating problem! Link the bear to this page ("") and let's all ban together to take a stand to Stop the Killing!

Stop Killing Our Children!

An Internet Story of Love...

Bethany Elliott and Tamara Carman are two very special ladies who emailed me with news of these missing children. And I thank God that they did. They are two very compassionate people out here on the Internet who are representative of thousands of others who care enough to do something about negatives in our society. It warms my heart to know people like Bethany and Tamara. They are the essence of humanity... of compassion... of love for our fellow man.

Like them, I don't feel I can just sit around and do nothing. This page is MY stand. And it would warm my heart to see this little Bear on every page out there so others are made aware. Not only of the killing... but made aware that there IS something that CAN BE DONE!!!

Support groups have provided pages on the Internet that are filled with resources and information! Below is a list of valuable links for you to check out.

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